I was looking for some information on Europalia, an annual cultural event having China on the spotlight this year. I found an interesting exhibition called the orchid pavillon, covering the origin and development of chinese writing, which I’ll try to attend this year.

How curious, however, is the fact that some of the oldest chinese writings are oracle scripts. eg divinatory scripts carved in animal bones, often turtle shields and other animal bones. I found lots of references to the so-called jiaguwen .

Funny enough, Oracle founders Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates didn’t think about divinatory rituals or ancient scriptum when baptising their flagship software, that complicated piece of software full of surprises and power, but rather an obscure CIA project code name they all worked on.
No doubt every Oracle dba or developer who’s been around for a while knows where the pythian group takes its name from (and I’m not mentioning all the ethymologies and the hypothetical presence of ethylene in Delphi’s temple)… That made me build a little list of possible similar group names.

– The shamans
– The sybilians
– The dogonian mazes
– The buzian sounds
– The baulé mickeys
– The ayahuasca drinkers
– …

To be continued…